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Visualization of the classroom with a picture for every student, division in groups, automatic roll call and commands transmission

Chimpa Teach

App and webApp for teachers that allows present students’ mobile devices control and offers different indispensable tools for didactics:
• Class and class groups visualization and management (with a picture for each student!)
• Roll call management (automatic, with iBeacon®, or manual, with students confirmations) and lessons beginning/end
• Commands transmission (see Commands and Features section)
• Easy preset management for groups, commands and whitelists.

Chimpa Learn

App for students that allow the presence control and the access to didactic contents and network resources.
With Chimpa mobile devices become a really useful asset, thanks to the control tools at teachers’ disposal and to the many security and management tools.

Commands and features

Single App Mode

The teacher can make an APP to be opened and put on students devices’ foreground. Students can not close the APP while the command is on (useful for tests or to focus).

Internet ON/OFF

The teacher can temporarily prevent any internet connection on students’ devices.

Web Whitelists

Teacher can delimit lesson’s area by allowing browsing only on pre-selected websites. Web addresses can be saved in presets, shared with other teachers, and easily loaded.

Pay attention!

The teacher can temporarily block students’ devices on a “pay attention” message screen when a lecture is required.


Teachers decides when is time for a student’s device to mirror its screen on an AirPlay® device (software or hardware) – (feature only available on iOS yet). An AppleTV or similar device or a PC with AirPlay compatibile software must be linked to the projector or screen.

Push URL

During their own browsing the teachers can easily share a web page with students by pushing the URL through Chimpa, using the “share with Chimpa” button (in Chimpa Teach for iOS) or the Chimpa Teach WebApp. The pushed URL will be instantly opened by students’ devices and they can continue browsing.

Push Cloud Contents

While they can always mirror its own device on the big screen even without Chimpa, with the Present feature Teacher can open shared resources and documents on students’ devices. (supported storage: Google Drive, Dropbox, Office365 and other URL-based cloud storages)

APPs Whitelists

Teacher choose a list of apps that will be allowed. No other apps will be shown on devices.

Reset Passcode

Teacher can clear forgotten students’ passcode with a simple tap.

Live Restrictions

During lesson, teachers can override some essentials device policies like Allow camera, Allow screenshot capture and Enable integrated dictionary.

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