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Why a restaurant should have MDM software

The so-called ‘phase 2’ imposed by the current health emergency, among other things, fully affects the activity of public businesses, which must adapt their operations to rather strict rules.

Restaurants, in particular, have an obligation to guarantee the famous 4×2 (square meters) for each customer and to adopt digital menus. It is an alternative to paper ones, practically impossible to sanitize, and involves the use of tablets or, in some cases, customer devices.

This digitalization means that the customer can consult the menu and the dishes of the day almost always through tablets provided by the exercise itself, also helping to limit the contact between those who take orders and customers.

A practice, this, which some exercise particularly devoted to technology had already adopted, but which today becomes a conditio sine qua non for the reopening. In some cases, other functions are associated with the normal consultation of the menu, including, for example, the automatic display of the nutritional and caloric values of the dishes and above all of the allergens, to make the information provided to customers even more complete.

With the adoption of this technology, effective control of tablets by restaurateurs is necessary.

Chimpa MDM (Mobile Device Management) represents a concrete solution that offers the possibility to manage both the devices and the updates of the operating system and of the installed apps, to block the app in the foreground making impossible to access the other functions of the tablet .

This prevents the user from using the device for other purposes. In addition to the advantage of ensuring correct and not improper use, Chimpa MDM simplifies and facilitates the work of the restaurateur who, thanks to the software, can remotely check some features such as the status of the battery and much more.

How to manage the tablets available at restaurant tables for orders

  1. Why should a restaurant be equipped with MDM software?

    To manage all devices easily

  2. Manage the tablets available at restaurant tables for orders

    Set an App Lock or Web Lock on a single app or site

  3. Set restrictions and permits on restaurant tablets

    Using a browser you can apply policies and restrictions remotely to all the devices

  4. Comply with safety rules by managing orders from the tablet

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