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What is Kiosk mode?

Kiosk mode (also called Single App, App Lock, Web Lock or Lockdown) allows to employ Android or iOS/iPadOS devices to create interaction and to offer services to the public.

In particular, Single App mode (Kiosk) offers the possibility to lock an app in the foreground on the device, without being able to quit it, even when the device is restarted, and it can be enabled remotely.

Devices in Kiosk mode can be placed in malls, in locations such as banks or post offices, however, mainly in public places where it is necessary to interact with the users.

Kiosk mode allows to control permitted apps and to restrict the navigation on websites or on single predefined pages.

kiosk app web

What are examples of scenarios to use the Kiosk mode?

Restaurants can equip themselves with tablets and configure Kiosk mode on a proprietary app or a website which allows to read the menu and order directly. This strengthen the brand identity and leads the customer to the correct use of the service, avoiding a misuse of the devices.

Retail stores 
Mobile devices are often used in retail stores because they are more intuitive than PCs. It is possible to configure Kiosk mode on a dedicated app or on a web page which shows a data sheet with product information and available discounts. Not only that, but it is possible to allow the clients to be notified about the new items which arrive to the store and about the available stock, or to manage staff communication, or for customers.

Amusement parks and museums
Amusement parks can set Kiosk mode on interactive screens which help customers with information about rides and ticket prices, and they provide driving directions and timetables. This improves the customer experience, which becomes quicker and more interactive, and it guides visitors only on appropriate contents and prevents device settings from being tinkered. It also prevents the access to any other app, making sure that devices are only used for a specific purpose.

Government institutes 
Tablets can be used as infopoint (informative digital kiosks) and, thanks to Kiosk mode, it is possible to lock in the foreground a single app that contains useful and high-quality information for the public about a certain topic.

How to activate Kiosk mode on Android and iOS? 

An EMM solution like Chimpa MDM becomes essential to ensure that those devices aimed to offer services to the public are used consistently, blocking a website or an App in Kiosk mode and applying restrictions that simplify the experience of the final user.

app lock kiosk
Configuration example of App Lock (Kiosk) in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices or Groups > profile manager view
web lock kiosk
Configuration example of Web Lock (Kiosk web) in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices or Groups > profile manager view

Chimpa MDM has additional EMM features that is able to guarantee the control of mobile devices (iOS, iPadOS, Android) remotely in every management scenarios:

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • COBO (Corporate Owned Business Only)
  • Dedicated or single-purpose device
  • COPE (Corporate Owned Personal Enabled)

How to activate Kiosk mode on tablet and smartphone?

  1. App Lock

    Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices or Groups > profile manager view

  2. Web Lock

    Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices or Groups > profile manager view

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