social disorder

It is a big worry that affects many parents with teenage children: videogames, smartphones and web create dependence? Does the pathology named “gaming disorder” really exist?

Although videogames and social network abuse is to be avoided, recent studies demonstrated that dependence comes from other factors. The problem exists and it is real, but it is not easy to determine when you are faced with a real pathology: as stated by many experts, the refuge in videogames should be a consequence of other problems that often afflict those who play the most, such as anxiety, depression or hard social and family relationships.

Many people think consoles’ world should be in some ways constructive: certain games improve creativity and allow children or guys to try their hands in the construction of objects, the exploration of worlds, sometimes even stimulating the programming skills.

Nowadays, it is not easy for a parent to be able to behave correctly in front of a child who spends hours in front of PlayStation or the videos of his favorite youtuber. The risk is to impose strict prohibitions and to achieve the opposite effect than desired, in addition to the problem of creating frustration forbidding an activity that the teenager experiences as a vent valve and a moment of society since many play online with friends.

Maybe, the problems to be considered go further the so-called dependence: cyberbullying, unscrupulous hacker attacks and online pedophilia are only some of the dangers of the web.

A solution MDM (Mobile Device Management) should be the optimal solution for a monitoring activity on devices used by minors.
Chimpa 24 is a program created to provide a safety network against an improper use of the devices: parents, thanks to Chimpa UEM, can, for example, forbid the use of soma apps in established timeframes, or monitor the use of applications and the time spent using the smartphone.

How is it possible to prevent gaming disorder in minors?

  1. Use a solution like Chimpa UEM

  2. Continue to manage devices, at home and at school