Chimpa MDM provides you with two licensing models, designed to best adapt to the specific needs of your organization:


Annual or multi-year subscription license: recommended if your school has a BYOD approach with a high turnover of devices, as licenses can be reassigned.


Perpetual license: recommended if your school uses proprietary devices with low turnover, as each license is permanently associated with a single device.


Only what you need, when you need it: with Chimpa you can compose the solution tailored to your needs, buying only what you really need and reserving the possibility of subsequently inserting other modules in your customized “package.”

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The ‘Kit MDM’ ideal that allows you to have granular control of iOS and Android devices regardless of the scenario of use. The possibility of creating and distributing work profiles allows to manage different groups of devices in a homogeneous way, accurately establishing the limits of use and the functions enabled or disabled.

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The module designed for the world of education includes the integration with the most widespread work tools in education, such as Apple School Manager for the iOS environment and Google Classroom for the Android world, with support for the distribution of managed licenses via VPP and the presence of educational App for class activity management.

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By extending the ‘protection network’ of the MDM from school to the home environment, this module gives parents all the power of an MDM in the form of an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Control their children’s smartphones by blocking gaming and messaging applications when it is time to study will become child’s play.

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The module designed for the corporate world includes productivity-focused management tools, with advanced features for managing WiFi, data plan, passwords and essential work tools such as emails, calendars, notifications, update scheduling, content distribution and applications.

licenze estensioni geolocalizzazione software


Mobile Application Management means a solution that can separately manage the data owned by the reference organization and the personal data of the user, controlling the distribution – even through the dedicated App Store – of applications and contents. It is an essential function for data security, BYOD and compliance with the GDPR.


The module designed for the collection of data on the use of devices is a key tool for timely management of safety and maintenance aspects. Monitoring makes it possible to monitor the use of the App, the Network, the web addresses visited – with the creation of statistics – as well as to report hardware anomalies.


When the need is related to the localization of the devices, the geofencing function becomes indispensable, allowing not only to track the position in real time, but also to constrain the application of the work profiles to specific geographical areas, with the possibility of activating a notification when devices enter or leave their perimeter.