A powerful, flexible and user-friendly solution for Mobile Device Management

Chimpa is an UEM (Unified Endpoint Management), EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) and MDM (Mobile Device Management) software solution that allows you to manage, monitor and protect against data theft and computer intrusions smartphones, tablets and interactive monitors (with iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and Android operating system) used within the school, linking its use to the limits set by the Institute, teachers and parents. It takes just few minutes to activate Chimpa and ensure that all devices are used correctly by students.

Compatible with iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and Android operating system

Massive distribution of Apps and contents, from Store and custom repositories

Remote removal of apps, security features, blocking, initialization

Update, settings and policies management

Advanced scheduling functions for accurate planning

Collection of analytical data on the use of the App and the network

Advanced geolocation and geofencing services

Separate management of personal and business data as required by the GDPR

Remote monitoring of device operating status

Remote management of interactive touch class monitors

Stop cyberbullying and inappropriate use of the Internet

From school to home, to build a network of protection 24/7

Screen display and remote control

Creation of smart processes to keep school data safe

What does “Mobile Device Management” mean

Mobile Device Management (MDM) means a software solution capable of managing, monitoring and protecting the mobile devices used in any organization, such as a school, a company, a hospital, a sales point etc.

What are the fields of application of an MDM?

Any scenario where there are devices with iOS or Android mobile operating systems and the ability to access the Internet is a possible field of application for an MDM. Some of the essential functions are:

  1. Guarantee the uniformity of the settings, the functions, the Apps, the policies relating to the organization

  2. Scalarly manage the update of the operating system, applications, policies etc.

  3. Ensure that users have the devices in a manner consistent with the organization’s policies

  4. Guarantee the uniformity of the operation of the devices by preventing their improper use

  5. Monitor and track the use of devices (geolocation, network use, battery status etc.)

  6. Being able to diagnose device malfunctions quickly and remotely

What differentiates Chimpa from other Mobile Device Management?

Chimpa is an UEM (Unified Endpoint Management), EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) and MDM (Mobile Device Management) platform entirely developed in Italy and is proposed as the only solution currently available on the market that can adapt to different scenarios. These scenarios are united by the presence of devices equipped with an iOS or Android mobile operating system: education, family, company, digital signage, industry, B2B.

Chimpa’s modular approach makes it possible to build “the right solution for each context using a flexible licensing logic. Depending on your needs, you can use Chimpa to manage student devices in a school, home or university context.”



Chimpa allows you to distribute and manage settings, policies, apps, content and updates in a uniform way



Chimpa provides you with a set of tools that can manage device, class and home level device restrictions in a granular way



Chimpa offers you tools to monitor the use of devices, allowing you to intervene remotely in the event of loss or theft



Chimpa protects your students from improper use of the devices by complying with the requirements of GDPR: an excellent solution for BYOD.

The opinions of our customers

An excellent MDM solution

Ease of use and immediate understanding by customers. In fact, a simple demonstration is enough for users to immediately learn how to use it.

Chimpa the MDM for everyone

With Chimpa schools and teachers can work easly and the students can use tablet and smartphone in an environment that is controlled and secure. Student can learn how to correctly use mobile devices and it is possible to concretely counter cyberbullying.

Trusted by

Chimpa MDM - GDPR

A GDPR-proof solution

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European regulation whose purpose is to standardize the legal criteria for data protection and confidentiality.

Every organization, both private and public, is obliged to comply with its directives

Chimpa is able to guarantee the control of mobile devices while protecting the privacy of the user’s personal content.

With Chimpa the Apps and personal data are separate from those of the company and managed by the MDM administrator

Chimpa MDM - sicurezza e certificazioni

The security of a certified developer

The design and development of Chimpa are 100% Italian and followed directly by XNOOVA, an innovative SMB that has already won prestigious awards such as INNOVAMI 2015 (Award for the best business idea).

XNOOVA is one of European companies (and the only one in Italy) to be EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) service provider for Android, is a certified Google for Work partner and is part of Apple Consultants Network.

Chimpa MDM - knowledge graph

Supported operating systems

Chimpa supports Android and iOS operating systems and related certified services: Android Enterprise and Gsuite for the Google world, Device
Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program for the Apple world.

4 reasons to choose Chimpa MDM


Chimpa allows you to have total control of the devices in your organization


Chimpa has a clear and intuitive cloud interface, suitable for users of any level


Compared to alternative solutions, Chimpa offers you more at a very advantageous price


Chimpa is a modular solution, which you can configure according to your needs