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smart working covid

The health emergency and managed mobile devices

COVID-19 has set new rules for the working methods of the vast majority of companies. If for many smart working was until recently just an option, in the last two months it has practically turned into a necessity.

Although for many workers it is nothing new, many others experienced difficulties instead because they were not used to it and did not have the right equipment to work from home.

The fact that the employees of a company work remotely, significantly and inevitably increases the risk of a failure to protect the most sensitive data of the company.

Among the necessary countermeasures, adopting a program to manage the use of mobile devices becomes almost a priority. The program should include the list of devices that can be used for business and should allow to control them.

A mobile device management application will allow the acquisition of features of correspondence, supervision and security.

Why are managed mobile devices important?

Nowadays, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets often replace the role of computers. For example, the employees of a company can use them to access information about customers, read e-mail or even to respond to a request via SMS.

The importance of management has always been the basis for the company policy about mobile devices; however, this topic has become even more urgent and current when the employees began working from home in a massive way. The use of private devices to process corporate data involves great risks for the companies, which see the increasing need to batten down the hatches.

Thanks to BYOD, a company allows the use of a personal mobile device (smartphone and/or tablet) to access corporate files and data, and of course if the device is not, at least partially, managed by the company, there is a high risk of misuse.

Therefore, a company must take immediate measures to use a Mobile Device Management (MDM) application that can make it possible to manage and supervise the activities of the employees.

When addressing the issue of mobile devices, a company must also make sure to dispose of a solution that allows an accurate inventory, secures company’s data and the traceability of the devices which use the system.

Chimpa MDM is an EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) solution that is able to guarantee the control of mobile devices (iOS, iPadOS, Android) remotely in every kind of scenarios:

  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
  • COBO (Corporate Owned Business Only)
  • Dedicated or single-purpose device
  • COPE (Corporate Owned Personal Enabled)

How to manage corporate devices remotely?

  1. Choose an MDM like Chimpa MDM

  2. Apply a passcode policy

  3. Add restrictions

  4. Use Chimpa Home to restrict children’s devices

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