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Samsung, in 2020, has introduced Samsung Knox Validated Program to provide customers with the assurance and consistency of comprehensive security, management, and productivity feature support by the partner solutions leveraging Samsung Knox™.

Customers deploying the Knox Validated solutions can have the confidence that the solution has been evaluated by the solution experts at Samsung, and has met the requirements in order to receive the stamp of validation.

mdm knox

So, Chimpa MDM is not only an Android Enterprise validated solution, now has been fully validated also by Samsung supporting all the Knox™ features:

  • Full device management
  • Work profile management
  • Knox Service Plugin (OEMConfig) support
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment support
  • Features integrated into the Chimpa Admin panel
  • Chimpa MDM Agent supports built-in Knox™ features

Knox Mobile Enrollment

On the Knox Mobile Enrollment site, admins can manage your MDM profiles and assignments to devices. KME is a free service and every kind of organization can submit request to have access. Chimpa MDM is now listed in the “Pick your MDM” list:

knxo mobile enrollment

Knox Service Plugin

Thanks to OEMConfig, admins can apply advanced Knox™ restrictions and configuration using Managed Config on Chimpa Admin > Management > Apps & Media > Managed Rules.

mdm samsung

Built-in Knox features

Chimpa MDM Agent is integrated with Knox™ to offer a great built-in management level for all Samsung devices. For example you can control the screen of you Samsung device remotely, from your favourite browser.

How to configure MDM and Samsung Knox

  1. Chimpa MDM is integrated with Samsung Knox

    samsung mdm

  2. Chimpa MDM is a Samsung validated solution

    knox mdm

  3. Chimpa MDM manage Samsung mobile devices with Knox

  4. Configure Chimpa MDM and Knox Mobile Enrollment

    “Pick your MDM” and select Chimpa MDM

  5. Configure Knox Service Plugin in Chimpa MDM

    Chimpa Admin > Management > Apps & Media > Managed Rules