Chimpa suite update version 4 now is live.

New design

The entire Chimpa Admin console has been updated with a new look, including dark mode support in beta version.

Dashboard in Chimpa Admin

Modern management for Microsoft Windows

Chimpa now supports Windows management starting from version 10.

Windows management has been designed in a modern way. Control and monitoring can be done remotely, using zero touch deployment (Windows Autopilot) and Microsoft services like Azure AD or Microsoft Business Store.

Chimpa uses the flexibility of the official Microsoft’s MDM protocol and extends its power with the Chimpa Agent service.

Thanks to the easy-to-use Chimpa’s interface, actions, rules and profiles give a seamless experience and great tools to manage all the Windows devices.

Admin can use also a Custom profile to manage manually CSP policies and set the priority between Chimpa policies and GPOs.

Endpoint Security

Chimpa is now a great solution to increase endpoint security and protect devices. It has a lot of prevention rules and bult-in active protections like threat intelligence, anti-malware scanner, system integrity check and secure network.

A new Security section in Chimpa Admin, let the administrators to specify lists, rules and access to the new security operative panel: Central.

Here you can check suggestions, CVE, resolve security alerts and dangerous-configurations.

Central in Chimpa Admin > Security

Same-day new OS support

Chimpa supports Android 13 and iOS, iPadOS, tvOS 16 before the public releases of these new Operative Systems.