Chimpa suite update version 3.9.1 now is live.
This update includes: an hotfix on the “View Screen” action could conflict with the “Allow screenshots and screen recordings” restriction; optimizations like the one of users / devices lists, that now are faster than ever.

Directory Sync update

In Chimpa 3.9 we have released Directory Sync so admin can choose one of the services to take users and roles synched with Chimpa.

In this release, Azure AD Sync imports avatar too and, finally, bidirectional sync is available for Microsoft and Google’s education environments.

Bidirectional sync needs one of the following conditions:

  • Google Workspace (aka GSuite) sync with Google Classroom configured
  • Azure AD sync with Microsoft Education (School Data Sync) configured

Google Classroom integration lets Chimpa sync classes, students, teachers.

Thanks to Microsoft Education (School Data Sync) integration, Chimpa will sync classes, students, teachers and creates automatically Teams on Microsoft 365, simplifying remote learning.

bidirectional sync
Directory Sync in Chimpa Admin > General

Screen Preview in Chimpa Teach webapp

Chimpa Teach webapp allows teachers to see all the thumbnail preview of students’ Android devices.

In additional, it is possible to watch a fullscreen preview of a single student device.

screen preview
Screen Preview on Chimpa Teach webapp

Screenlight time

With this update, admin can check the screenlight time inside device info view. This info is usefull to take care of IFPs or industrial devices usage.

Device detail in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices

“Change role” action

Now is possibile to change the user role from the action menu in Management > Users.

user roles
Change role action in Chimpa Admin > Management > Users

“Change device name” action update

Devices can be re-named massively with wildcard parameters.

cambia nome dispositivo
Change device name multi-action in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices

“Keypress” action updated

“Keypress” action has been extended to support more brands like Samsung, Lenovo, Epson and LG.

Keypress action in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices

“Audio Settings” action

The new “Audio Settings” action allows to modify audio balance and equalization on certified IFPs.

audio settings
Audio Settings action in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices

Restrictions changes for Android

  • New: “Allow VPN creation”
  • New: “Touch Lock” can be applied on certified IFPs
  • Update: “Allow Unknown sources” denied on Work Profile affects also the device side

New Global Setting

Now is possibile to change Google Play Managed layout:

  • “basic”: shows all the approved and assigned Google Play licenses
  • “custom”: lets the admin organize Google Play Managed by category groups
google play managed layout
Google Play Managed layout in Chimpa Admin > Global settings > General
Layout difference on Google Play of an Android device

If Google Play Managed layout is set to custom, admin can create groups from the Google Play iframe in Management > Apps & Media > Google Play > +

Note: if layout is set to custom, the apps list will not be automatically updated with new approved apps.

organize app iframe
Organize apps in Chimpa Admin > Management > Apps & Media > Google Play > +