Chimpa suite update version 3.7 is live.

New innovative multi-user management for Android (COPE)

In this release you can now create spaces on fully managed devices (supervised): Work Space and User Spaces.

Immagine mixed usage, personal and work, on a single managed device using a Work Space.

You can also create additional User Spaces to take data separated increasing security and privacy.

Android device must be supervised.
Spaces are not supported on Android Enterprise GSuite management, working only on managed organizations.
Work Space on managed devices works on Android Oreo 8 to 10.
User Spaces on a managed device work on Android Pie 9 or superior.
These features are tested working on Android Enterprise Recommended devices, non-conventional manufacturers could not support these features.

Add Space action
Now admins can create managed spaces on an Android supervised devices.

You can have only one Work Space per device.
You can create a maximum of 3 user spaces in addition to the default one (owner).

Add Space action in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices > action menu

User list and removal
Admins can check the list of Spaces and system Users under “User” tab on the detail view of a supervised Android device. Trash button sends a delete action to the Space, if it is not curently active.

Note: after a delivered delete action, all the data releated to the User will be deleted and that is no more recoverable.

Tab Utente in Chimpa Admin > Gestione > Dispositivi > dettaglio dispositivo

User Logout action
Now admins can force logout from a secondary User Space with User Logout action.

User Logout action in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices > action menu

Apply to all device’s spaces, General payload option
Android supervised devices that has at least one managed space, have a new “Apply to all device’s spaces” setting in single-device profile’s General payload. If this setting is enabled, the current device’s profile will be inherited to its managed Spaces, respecting payloads and parameters compatibility.

Apply to all device’s spaces setting in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices > Profiles > Profile view > General

Manage Spaces
To manage different spaces a new “Manage spaces” link is displayed on Android supervised devices that have at least a managed space.
Every space could have its own Profiles and rules.

Manage Spaces link in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices > device detail view
Spaces management list in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices > device detail view > Manage Spaces
Android device: on the left Android Users switch list and on the right the Work Space on the main user (owner).

Multiple actions on Spaces
Multiple action modals displays two new checkboxes to include Spaces.

Example of action modal that shows Include Works Spaces and Include User Spaces checkboxes in Chimpa Admin > Management > Devices

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