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Chimpa suite update version 3.6.1 is live.

This update contains a lot of optimizations and bugfix like:

  • Improvement of Chimpa Home UX
  • Bugfix: Chimpa MDM Agent error on apk download from Google Drive link
  • Date and time verification on Android enroll to increase security
  • Improvement Users and Devices panes on Chimpa Admin
  • Bugfix: rare case that Chimpa Learn Android doesn’t update info on new lesson

What’s new in this release?

SFTP sync with Apple School Manager
Thanks to this new feature now Chimpa can upload users to Apple School Manager (ASM). This functionality works as an alternative to standard ASM to Chimpa syncronization.

Set SFTP parameters, available on Apple portal, users and classes will be updated on ASM. Managed Apple ID will be created as well. More info at https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207029.

SFTP config pane in Chimpa Admin > Global Settings > Apple > Deployment Program > Options button

Students can have multiple Classes
Now admins can bind multiple Classes for a single Student on Chimpa Admin, “Manage Classes” action.

Note: In this version there are some limitations that will be resolved in future updates:

  • Chimpa Learn shows only one lesson in checkin-view. On multiple concurent lessons, the first started lesson will be shown. Anyway, Teachers can force check-in manually (from Chimpa Teach > tap Student > Checkin) only if Student isn’t already checked-in an other lesson.
  • On Student’s registration in Chimpa Learn or user creation from Chimpa Admin, only one Class can be specified.
Manage Classes action in Chimpa Admin > Management > Users allows to add multiple Classes to a single Student.

Classes CSV Import
Admins can now import Classes via CSV file.

Import button in Chimpa Admin > Global Settings > Classes to upload CSV file, i button to download example CSV file.
CSV example needs classes list in name field.

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