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  • In 2011, 14 italian schools have been selected by the Italian government to embrase innovation with the “Patto Scuol@ 2.0”

    Liceo Scientifico Statale L. Respighi of Piacenza is one of these schools and innovation is an important mission.

  • Every morning more than 150 computers and 800 iPads are turned on, almost a device for each students.

    For 15 years the school uses digital register, for 7 years has interactive whiteboards in every classroom and has a fast internet wi-fi coverage.

We bought tablets, and now?

Mobile learning is the new generation of didactic. Schools are adopting mobile devices in classes, that’s must be done thinking about security and trasparency. Stefano Costi, head of ICT department and teacher of Liceo Respighi, got advises from his collegues that school had to find an easy way to organize lessons and provide students’ materials.

For “Patto per la Scuol@ 2.0” project, Liceo Respighi chose the iPad like the right tablet for educational uses. This choice could be possible with different collaborations including Apple Education.

Begining with this important and expensive solution, Liceo Respighi had to define some guidelines:

• families can depreciate tablets’ purchase in 5 years adopting ebooks and saving 30% of book’s costs every year;

• creates parternships with local companies and resources that could help the school;

• permits usage of different technologies and devices pre-owned form students, like Android or Windows tablets.

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  • An idea has completed the tablet experience: Chimpa

    Chimpa project was born to help teacher in daily school activities. This solution uses cutting-edge and innovative software, hardware and infrastructural technologies.

    It includes 2 different native apps: Chimpa, for teachers; Hello Chimpa for students.

    This Apps allow teachers to organize lessons and students materials with education tools and simplify management for ICT department. Chimpa checks the classmates' presence with a proximity technology called iBeacon™, based on bluetooth. Independent beacons, in the school, are also providing trasparent and contextual resources as proximity services.

    Chimpa works with differents edu Apps and it can be integrated with other services like Google Apps and the new “Classroom” feature. Teacher can take the lead of the lesson and is only a tap away a easy content sharing or a device setting. He or she can also open a specific APP or can block students’ devices, according to what is useful for that lesson.

    With this tools teachers can show, to students, a better and smarter way to use technologies in class.

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