Android Enterprise

Chimpa is integrated with Android Enterprise. A feature that translates into maximum simplicity of device enrollment and configuration. Thanks to OEMConfig standard compatibility you have also an integrated management for specific manufacturers’ settings.

Enrollment methods

Zero Touch

Zero Touch

Register devices collectively with complete management and without manual configuration thanks to Android Zero-Touch or Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment.

Token EMM

EMM Token

Users enter a code to install a specific EMM agent.

Codice QR

QR Code

Scan a QR code to register a device from the setup wizard.

Chimpa MDM: Integrazione con i servizi Google ed Apple

App management and security

Safely distribute, install and configure internal and third-party apps. Authorize and prohibit apps, block app downloads and collectively distribute app and content licenses

Chimpa MDM: Integrazione con i servizi Google ed Apple

A single device for personal and business use

Users can use their personal apps and keep their data separate on company devices as required by the GDPR.

Google Workspace (aka GSuite)

Integration with the Google Workspace (aka GSuite) ecosystem

Synchronize your Google Workspace (aka GSuite) domain accounts, access services and configure your devices more easily

GSuite GSuite


Integration with Apple services

Chimpa is integrated with the DEP, VPP and Apple Business Manager services: a feature that translates into the maximum simplicity of enrollment and administration of licenses related to App and contents.
Thanks to Managed Apple IDs and iOS 13.1, BYOD management improves through a new enrollment mode.

Notifiche Push

Integration with Push notification services

For the management of iOS devices it is necessary that the MDM service provider has an Apple Push Certificate, which is renewed annually. The certificate allows to establish a secure connection between the iOS device and the domain of the MDM.

Apple Deployment Program

Integration with Apple Deployment Program

The Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Apple Business Manager allow you to automate the registration of iOS devices and simplify their initial configuration.

Volume Purchase Program

Integration with Volume Purchase Program

The Volume Purchase Program allows schools and companies to purchase apps and books in volume and distribute them to their users, Managed Apple IDs or devices.