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Android is an operating system based on the Linux kernel. The public release of its first version dates back to September 2008.

Today Android is a mature operating system, installed on most mobile device.

Over the last few years, Google has worked to make Android a safe and reliable tool, suitable for both education and business environments.

What are the 3 main problems which, in the past, negatively marked Android?

  • The high level of fragmentation of the versions installed on Android devices and the lack of periodic security updates;
  • The large number of products and manufacturers that adopted Android without following directives and guidelines, therefore making the system unstable and not very reliable;
  • The lack of a standard for device management;
android mdm

What is Android Enterprise?

Android Enterprise is an innovative program launched by Google, that provides some guidelines for EMM solutions and for device producers. Solutions and products are validated directly by Google and entered in the Goolge Enterprise Solutions Directory: a list of reliable solutions with the aim of simplifying the choice of products in the companies.

Moreover, Android Enterprise Recommended certified devices perfectly support all the features of Android Enterprise and they receive constant security updates.

Why is Android a versatile system for business?

Android offers a modern and simplified management of mobile devices through Android Enteprise Zero-touch configuration and support for the different management scenarios such as BYOD, COPE (personal use is enabled) or dedicated use (COSU).

Thanks to the integration with Google Workspace (GSuite) or Google Play Managed it is possible to approve the licenses for the organization, among millions of apps within the store or specifying custom apps.

What is meant by Zero-touch?

Zero-touch configuration is the modern method to easily and fast deploy whole fleets of Android devices, eliminating waste of time.

Thanks to Zero-touch portal, resellers can add the devices purchased by the companies, assigning them to an Android Enterprise validated EMM solution: after this operation, once turned on, they will be automatically configured with the EMM solution.

What is a Google Play Managed account?

It is a Google Play account managed by the organization.

At the time of the configuration of the device or work profile, the Android Enterprise EMM solution automatically adds a Google Play Managed account.

The IT administrator can therefore manage, assign, revoke and install the apps remotely and in a massive way.

Is Android a safe system?

Since the Oreo version, Android has become one of the safest mobile systems. Android operating system, indeed, is based on different security levels, both hardware and software.

For example, we can mention:

  • Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to protect data uploaded on the mail processor
  • SELinux to increase the security at a kernel level; the encryption is native and is configured as a staple on the device and for the working area
  • Google Play Protect to perform the scanning of the apps before they are downloaded, checking over 50 billion Apps on Google Play Store every day, and of the ones already installed on the devices.
  • Sandboxing to prevent the Apps from accessing sensitive data without the consent of the user

In ‘Mobile OSs and Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms’ document, one of Gartner’s latest assessments, they verified Android security with excellent results. In the report, Gartner evaluates a number of operating systems and device implementations including Android 9 that has received strong ratings in 26 of 30 categories.

Chimpa MDM is an EMM validated by Google and Samsung Knox, it supports:

  • Zero-touch enrollment
  • Android versions 5 to 11
  • Full Device Management
  • Work Profile Management
  • Dedicated (Single Purpose) Device Management (COSU)
  • Corporate-Owned-Personally-Enabled (COPE) Management
  • OEM Device Management (without Google Play Services)

Chimpa MDM, in addition to offering many advanced management features, allows to obtain a user experience similar to the one between Android and iOS/iPadOS. Apple Business Manager, in fact, allows the configuration of Zero-touch and the massive assignment of the licenses, whereas the Shared iPad feature replaces the one of User Spaces.

Apple Business Manager DEPAndroid Enterprise Zero-touch / KME
Apple Business Manager App & eBookGoogle Play Managed
Managed Apple IDGoogle Play Managed account
User EnrollmentWork Profile
Apple ClassroomChimpa Teach
Shared iPadUser Spaces on Chimpa MDM

  1. Chimpa MDM is an EMM solution validated by Google

    android mdm

  2. Chimpa MDM with Android Enterprise ensures the security on the devices

    android mobile device management

  3. Chimpa MDM is included in Google Enterprise Solution Directory

  4. Chimpa MDM allows the management of the devices with Android Zero-Touch

  5. Con Chimpa MDM it’s possible to manage the Apps of the device ensuring the security on sensitive data

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