Android Enterprise Recommended

Google verified

business devices

and services

With Android Enterprise Recommended, there’s a simple way to find the devices and services that meet your enterprise requirements and put them to work consistently across your business.

Android Enterprise Recommended establishes best practices and common requirements, backed by a rigorous testing process, conducted by Google.

Streamline the process of searching, evaluating and trouble-shooting to build out a successful mobility program that meets your business needs.

Invest in Android with confidence, knowing there is an ecosystem of devices and services verified by Google against enterprise-grade requirements for performance, consistency, and security updates.

Android Enterprise Recommended

Enterprise-grade features
and expertise

Android Enterprise Recommended devices and solutions are verified against enterprise-level requirements in hardware and software, and partners are trained and supported by Google to deliver successful Android deployment.

Streamlined deployment
and management

Android Enterprise Recommended program ensures a standardized management and set-up experience with a range of provisioning options, including automated zero-touch enrollment, to deliver consistent and predictable deployments every time.

and up-to-date

Android Enterprise Recommended devices and services deliver timely security updates and guarantee major release upgrades to ensure devices stay safe and current.

Ecosystem overview


Performance Streamlined deployment

Consistent user experience

Security & OS updates

Knowledge worker devices

Unlocked device availability for global deployment

Bulk enrollment options including Android zero-touch enrollment

Streamlined provisioning flow with a consistent user experience

90-day security updates and major update support for a minimum of three (3) years

Rugged devices

Designed to perform in harsh environments, meeting requirements for drop-testing and ingress protection

90-day security updates for a minimum of five (5) years

Bulk enrollment options including Android zero-touch enrollment

Streamlined provisioning flow
with a consistent managed user experience

EMM Solutions

Advanced device management

Customer guidance

Sales and technical readiness

Advanced features across multiple management sets

Enterprise-level support with trained personnel available to assist with customer deployments

Proven record of successful deployments, with field sales readiness and updated product and technical knowledge


Customer guidance

Sales & technical readiness

Technical support

Enterprise sales readiness with Google-led learning paths

Demonstrated technical leadership with Android Architecture and Implementation Experts in each region

Enterprise-level support with Android Support Engineers in each region

Proven record of successful deployments

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IT Buyers

Simplicity in selection

Worldwide sourcing

More long-term value

IT Admins

Consistent performance and troubleshooting

Lower support costs

Secure, managed updates


Clean user experience

Faster setup

More productivity

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