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All Chimpa suite is based on Chimpa MDM, a complete and powerful server application

  • Chimpa MDM is a Mobile Device Management system tailored for schools. It manages simultaneously iOS and Android tablets and it includes many security and management services. It can be used in appliance (with a server at the school), or in Cloud “as a service” (using our datacenters in Italy).

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  • Chimpa Admin allows to configure your devices and users securely over the air, to organize them automatically reducing time and costs. All in one place. 

  • Chimpa MDM let you set different  policies and profiles for each group: School, Teachers, Students and Classroom.

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Main functions

  • Management

    Create classrooms, change account settings, set group-based policies also during a lesson.

  • Security

    Use hardware cryptography, resets passcodes, unlock or wipe lost devices.

  • Monitoring

    View all hardware information, installed Apps (from the server or autonomously) and keep track of recent activities.

Chimpa Teach web-app

Chimpa Teach web allows manging students' tablets on every computers and browsers.

  • From Chimpa Panel (web-interface), the teacher can access Chimpa Teach web-app and manage Chimpa Bazaar catalog.

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A kid's game

Wanna know more? Take a look at the tutorial section to see Chimpa running.

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